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The Mae Tao Clinic (MTC), founded and directed by Dr. Cynthia Maung, provides free health care for refugees, migrant workers, and other individuals who cross the border from Burma to Thailand. People of all ethnicities and religions are welcome at the Clinic. Its origins go back to the student pro-democracy movement in Burma in 1988 and the brutal repression by the Burmese regime of that movement. The fleeing students who needed medical attention were attended in a small house in Mae Sot.

Since 1989 MTC has grown, from that one small house to a large complex of simple buildings that provide a wide variety of health services to different groups of people. Today it serves a target population of approximately 150,000 on the Thai-Burma border.

To find our more about the Mae Tao Clinic please visit their website at or, to make a donation to the Mae Tao Clinic, please click on the button to the right saying Donate now by Credit Card and you will be taken straight to the Mae Tao Clinic's donation pages.

Previous appeals: Cyclone Nargis (Amount raised: $17,153)

Recently a devastating tropical cyclone - Cyclone Nargis - ripped through Burma's agricultural heartland, the Irrawaddy delta. The offical death toll stands at around 22,500, but with thousands of people missing, this number is sure to increase significantly. Aid workers are already stating there may be up to 50,000 dead and millions homeless.

Experts are also warning that this catastrope will jeopardise the country's long-term ability to feed itself (Times Online)- and with the military Junta yet to allow in any significant foreign aid the potential for a disaster of unimaginable proportions is very real.

Please consider making a donation by clicking on the button on the right. We will make sure that all donations quickly find their way to the relief organisations (& local organisations) that in our assessment will have the most immediate impact in the disaster areas. We will publish more information on where the funds are being directed shortly. Please note: We take absolutely no cut of any donation for staff wages, admin fees etc - is run on an entirely voluntary basis.

News reports: Wikipedia - Burma's cyclone death toll soars - Cyclone Nargis strikes Burma - Burma death toll 'likely to hit 80,000' - Disease stalks survivors of huge Myanmar cyclone - Catastrophe may leave country unable to feed itself, food experts warn

What is was originally set up during the Monks' protests last year inside Burma. A small committee was formed called Youth Solidarity of Burma to raise funds to support the basic needs for the brave protesters such as food, drinking water, medicine and robes. The committee was started with 7000 baht (US$ 220) on 25 September 2007.

Givetoburma members are well-known within the Burma human rights community, and due to their network of connections both internationally and inside Burma - they are able to allocate funds to the groups and individuals that have the most direct access to people inside Burma.

About us...

We have recently had to remove our individual profiles from this page due to serious security concerns. If you would like to contact us to ask any further questions, please feel to email

How your donation will be used...

As we are a small group based in Northern Thailand, we have local contacts who will transfer the money safely inside Burma. These funds will be used for essential supplies (medicines, food, drinking water, robes).

  • We guarantee that to the best of our abilities, 100% of the funds you donate will reach the people who most need help inside Burma (after PayPal take their small transaction fee).
  • We guarantee that to the best of our abilities, none of these funds will be used to support violent or aggressive action of any kind

We will keep reliable records, along with payment vouchers and receipts when the money is transferred to the receivers inside Burma.

Our bank account details...

If you make a donation by credit card, PayPal takes a fee of about 4% per credit card transaction. Because of this, it may be better to make larger donations (over $US 300) by bank transfer. If you wish to donate $US 300 or more, please ask your bank what the fees are. If you would like to make a direct bank transfer, please email for our account details.

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